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About Global Health Link Otago

What is Global Health Link Otago?

Global Health Link Otago is the service arm for the Centre for International Health, University of Otago. The Centre for International Health was established in 2008 to facilitate and promote research to contribute to the understanding and improvement of health in under-resourced countries, and focus on postgraduate training and strategic mentorship of leaders.

Global Health Link Otago will further these initiatives by working in partnership with local colleagues drawing on University of Otago expertise and experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of initiatives to maximise health gains.

We aim for effective translation of policy into implementation. Building capacity and capability will be a high priority in all the work we do.

University of Otago expertise

The University of Otago has considerable academic and practice expertise with an academic and research staff of over 1,600 people. The University of Otago is New Zealand's top-rated university for both research intensity and research quality.

The university has a number of strong research programmes, many recognized internationally. The Otago International Health Research Network is hosted under the Centre for International Health and aims to foster collaborative links across the university in relation to international health.

Where do we work?

We partner with implementers, researchers and organisations working among under-resourced populations focused largely in the Pacific, Asia, and Africa.

Dr Susan Jack

Our people

Global Health Link Otago is led by Dr Susan Jack under the auspices of the Centre for International Health led by Professor Philip Hill and Professor John Crump.

We have a team of skilled and experienced researchers, evaluators, epidemiologists, clinicians and international health consultants to respond to requests for technical assistance.

This team will include members of the Otago International Health Research Network and other affiliated staff.