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Changes to Health and Disability Ethics Committee (HDEC) review processes in mid-2012 have led to research organisations being required to take responsibility for some areas of review that used to be attended to by HDEC. One of these is Peer Review for scientific validity which HDECs will no longer undertake.

Following consultation via a series of working parties including representatives of DSM departments as well as the wider research community, a process of peer review has been developed. It has been agreed that this will be used for any human research carried out in the joint research environment of the Dunedin School of Medicine and the Southern District Health Board. It is anticipated that this will also enhance research quality across the School.

The documents below describe the process and provide templates for implementation of the process. In addition please find below a document which provides some background relating to the HDEC changes.

Implementation of the process needs to get underway in order that we are able to meet HDEC commitments and in a systematic manner, however, it is expected to be an 'evolving process' and there are opportunities planned to review the process and make modifications and refinements.

Key dates for implementing this departmental process*

  • Departmental Scientific Peer Review processes began 1 March 2013
  • All applications for HDEC approval must have Scientific Peer Review by 19 March 2013

*Please note that currently, all human research has required peer review. The process has been on a case by case basis as part of Clinical Research Approval.

For questions or clarification, please contact Health Research South or your departmental peer review leader.

Peer review documents


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